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My Cambodian Dream

As the sun sets on this month, Cambodia is poised to step into a new chapter of its history, one defined by ambitious nation-building endeavours. The nation stands at the cusp of a transformation that hinges on the development of its human capital- the foundation of all.

Built on the foundations developed by the previous generation, the new generation is expected to robustly carry out innovative governance reforms with substantial investments in cultivating a knowledge-based economy.

In my childhood, I nurtured the ambition of becoming a teacher. Yet, this aspiration was accompanied by a sense of poignancy and uncertainty. The aftermath of the devastation caused by the Khmer Rouge infused my dream of teaching with a deeper purpose – it stood as a testament to the undying determination of those who had tragically perished, a living tribute to their unrealized aspirations, a torch symbolically passed from the fallen to the living. Within this dream, I carried the hopes of those who dared to envision a brighter future during the bleakest hours of our history.

I came into this world, nurtured by the unwavering strength of a single mother, in the wake of the Khmer Rouge’s collapse in January 1979. My early years unfolded amid a generation marked by the indelible scars of hardship, and my childhood was a canvas painted with shades of adversity, uncertainty, and despair.

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