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Organizational Structure

The Institute will be operated by a streamlined organisational structure consisting of a Visionary Group, Board of Directors and an Executive Team.

Visionary Group

The Visionary Group provides visions and ideas to the institute for the benefits of human community.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and members. The Board decides the annual plan of the institute, approves the budget, appoints or renews the core members of the executive team, and raises funds to support the Institute.

Strategic Advisors

The Strategic Advisors provide inputs to all centers under the institute. 

Executive team

The executive team consists of a President, Director of MCSS, Director of CGID, Director of CSDS, Director of CCPS, Director of CIDE, Program Manager, Chief of Administration and Finance, and Head of Public Relations and Partnership Development. 

Each Director has autonomy, with the endorsement from the President, to develop and implement projects and programs, seek funding for the center, sign cooperation agreements or Memorandums of Understanding with other organisations, and recruit staff to work for their respective center.

Funding Mechanism

Endowment Fund is created to support basic operation of the Institute. We are working with local and international foundations and donors to implement projects and programs.