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Hun Manet’s ASEAN Engagement Strategy

As Prime Minister Hun Manet’s administration approaches its 100-day milestone this month, notable foreign policy accomplishments stand out as key highlights. This op-ed aims to shed light on Cambodia’s ASEAN engagement strategy, drawing upon Prime Minister Hun Manet’s remarks at the ASEAN Summits and related Summits held in Indonesia in September.

This discourse of power illustrates Cambodia’s well-crafted policy towards ASEAN. It delves into the strategic narratives and increasing relevant role of Cambodia in shaping and molding regional architecture, while positioning Cambodia in the region and beyond.

Obviously, ASEAN stands at a crossroads. By embracing a strategy of inclusivity, cooperation, and forward-looking policies, ASEAN can navigate the complexities of the current global landscape full of uncertainties and risks.

The path ahead is really challenging, but with unity, shared strategic vision, and a commitment to the principles of ASEAN Centrality, the region might emerge stronger and become more resilient, ready to claim its place as the fourth largest world economy in coming years.

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