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Mr. Phal Piseth

Programme Coordinator


Mr. PHAL Piseth is mainly an architect and lecturer in the field of architecture and urban design. He is a registered architect in Board of Architects Cambodia Member, Ministry of Land and Management.

Relevant to his professional career of Architectural Design and Construction, he has been practicing for over a decade of experience with a number of projects in Cambodia. All of his design works are striving to conceive not only beauty but also a meaningful of space creation with desired to achieve the combination aspects of social, cultural, economic and environmental toward sustainability development.

He graduated Bachelor Degree of Architecture and Urbanism at Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Royal University of Fine Arts in 2007. He is an officer in the academic curriculum’s office since 2009. From 2014 to present he is a principle lecturer of architectural design studio and urban design studio and thesis advisor for architectural design field a few years. To what extent to his exiting field, he is currently completing Master Degree, an international program in the field of Development Studies, in Royal University Phnom Penh.