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ASEAN-China partnership in a new era

Geographical proximity, civilizational connectivity, economic interdependence and common security ensure that this collaboration remains dynamic and enduring

The global landscape is swiftly evolving into a multiplex world defined by multiple modernities, diverse civilizations and multiple power centers. This is an interconnected and interdependent world where both state and non-state actors interact to shape the emerging international order. The relationship between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China is evolving within this dynamic.

The geographical proximity between the ASEAN member states and China has served as a foundation in shaping their relations and facilitating frequent interactions, exchanges and cooperation at various levels. This proximity has not only encouraged the development of robust diplomatic ties but has also allowed for the easy movement of people, goods and ideas between the ASEAN members and China. The shared land borders, maritime routes and immediate regional presence have created an environment conducive to sustained engagement and collaboration, fostering a sense of familiarity and mutual understanding.

Two decades have passed since China ratified the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation with ASEAN. This milestone provides an opportune moment to reflect on the development of the ASEAN-China partnership and the contributions China has made toward fostering regional peace and stability. Over the years, the strategic cooperation between the ASEAN and China has yielded significant achievements and demonstrated the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration.

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